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I work with digital flair and understading - from idea to final product.

These are exampels of work I have done. All videos are made as an intern at DONG Energy, and have been used for internal and online corporate communication.


From the textile industry to the wind industry

Niebuhr Gears produces gear wheels for the wind turbine industry, among other things. Watch their story and learn how a local area in Denmark went from being dependent on the textile industry to the wind power industry in the blink of an eye.

Wild about Wind in LEGOLAND

Together with A2SEA, Siemens and LEGOLAND, DONG Energy organised the event 'Wild about Wind' which was held on 11 April.
Here, Gustav and other children of all ages could get answers to what wind is, how much you need to pedal to make sufficient power for a tablet, and how to design an airworthy dragon.

75 years and still going strong​​

Kyndby Power Station has just celebrated its 75-year anniversary.

In the sound slide, Rudi Hansen, Operations Manager, talks about the development of the power station and why it is a workplace where you want to stay.

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